Down week of running

This week proved to be one where non-running life got in the way of running. It’s amazing what stress does to running and motivation. Last week was my first at the 70 mile per week target, I think that made it 10 weeks of continual mileage increase.

As the week started I ended up skipping Monday, then skipped 16 on Thursday and ended up skipping my originally planned make up session Friday. The week ended around 50, the 20 miles this morning followed by 3 with the running 101 group went well. Easy pace continues to be around 7:40 so I think the effort level with the mileage seems to be working out so far.

I did get together with a friend that’s helping with keepaustinrunning ( We’ll hopefully get things off with a little more promotion this week after the task force meeting on Monday.


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