Steady state adjustment was successful … kind of

So I had a rough weekend after the Saturday run and dehydration. Had to take a break Sunday and Monday and I finally started feeling better Monday afternoon after a call with a client. So I thought I’d try and make the adjustment to my steady state run today that I planned after last weeks run. I did manage to make the paces I planned to but that doesn’t mean the run was really successful.

It was the same warm-up, but 3 miles this time, and then 8 miles with a progression. First two miles were 7:40, then 7:10 for the next two and the goal was to run the last 4 between 6:40 and 6:50. The last 4 were more like between 6:30 and 6:40 which was faster than I was planning. So in theory it was a great Steady state run … but … yes there’s a but, it wasn’t a smooth run. Even at 7:40 I didn’t feel that good, my breathing sped up at 7:10, earlier that it normally does. There was a mile and a half where in the 7:10 part of the run where I really was in the “zone”, no thinking just feeling smooth. Apart from that I had to concentrate quite a bit on my arms, my foot strike etc to keep in control. My foot strike was also noticeably harder, could hear the slapping. So basically the paces were on but it wasn’t quite at the comfort and control it should have been. So I guess it’s time to try the same thing next week … unless Steve has something up his sleeve.


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