Roughest run of the training season so far

Today’s long run was probably just what I needed. I can only describe it as brutal. I needed to run 21 miles today to get up to 65 for the week.  I was probably a little early in thinking I should rethink the Tuesday run that’s coming up. Friday was a bad day for me from a food and hydration standpoint and then when I got home my power was out, the meters in the Condo complex got mixed up so they turned my power off instead of the person that wanted theirs turned off. So I think there was much water loss all night, at least it’s on now so I can take a nap.

I didn’t feel good from the beginning and I think we started off between an 8:15 and 8:20 pace which is where I stuck for a while. It was around that wooden foot bridge before we make our way up to St. Edwards that I did pick it up a bit and felt pretty good. I felt good all the way through to Amy’s water stop on S 5th. Then it was when we got back onto Rabb where I started to feel a little iffy, it had been a while without water and because of my poor hydration Friday I knew I’d pay for it. I couldn’t have been happier to see Steve when we did … I really should have stopped at somebody’s house and gotten a drink on the way … next time. I guess there was some confusion with start times and place with some of the group or something so Steve was scrambling to catch some of us to get us water … the effort is much appreciated and I was really glad Steve was standing there before we were about to head onto Barton.

Once we got on the trail I ran one mile a little too fast, edging close to a 7:00 min pace and knew I couldn’t do that today so slowly started to back off. It was really all about putting one foot in front of the other for the last 5 miles and focusing on form, staying upright, using the arms etc. The mental challenge today was good, it’s something that I tend to remember at a tough point in a race. The progressive pace run we do on Shoal Creek for example, the last 3 miles are just insane. Whenever I’m at mile 22 or 24 in a marathon and see people walking and feel a little pain myself I always seem to remember the pain of the PP run and think to myself, ok I’ve felt like this before and managed to push through it, just keep going … it’s amazing how well your body responds.


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