Running in Tuscany while on vacation

On my vacation two weeks ago in Italy I managed to get some running done in Florence, San Gimigiano and Lucca. I did take a couple of pictures while in Florence and San Gimgiano. Running is a a great way to see a city, early in the morning even in the most touristy of cities you can be in front of a historic site and be the only person in sight. It’s also the only time you can really run in a place like Florence where it’s hard to walk without bumping into people during the day.

Florence was well Florence, lots of historic sites and statues to see. San Gimigiano (pictures below) something out of a movie, weather was nice and cool in the morning and the rolling hills with the towers in the background. The other place I really enjoyed running was Lucca, it’s a town east or Pisa and an hour or so drive WNW of Florence. They have a pretty wide wall that goes around the entire city, it’s closed to traffic and people bike and run on it. The first day I got there we did rent bikes to go around the city and then I decided to go running on the wall as well, it’s a 4k loop … and yes you crazy Team Rogue “it ain’t a run if it ain’t more than 10 miles” people that is all I ran that day, ONE 4k loop.

Ponte Veccio - Florence

Plaza Veccio - Florency

San Gimiganno

San Gimiganno

San Gimiganno

San Gimiganno


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