Commitment to quality training

I’ve been training with Rogue since 2004 now when I ran Chicago for my Boston qualifier. I’ve always been impressed by the attention to quality from Rogue and the coaches. Ruth posted recently about the annual coaches school. The last time I coached for Rogue was in 2006. I think when I went through it was one of the first few to be held. That had to be some of the most useful time I’ve spent learning about why we do all the things we do when we train. There are lots of books but hearing it from Steve, Ruth, Carmen, Ricardo, Amy, Karen (there are more) has a different value.

I really do like the fact that Rogue tries to put it’s coaches through the paces so things make sense to them so they can be more useful to their athletes. It isn’t just a go out there and read this sheet but it’s about understanding the program, why it’s setup the way it is and the role of different workouts. One example of this is the drills we do before track workouts. I had never really done them correctly until I went through coaching school and then the true lesson was from Carmen and Ricardo. You can find some videos of drills online btw:

The other things many of us don’t realize is the work that happens after coaching school to make sure things are valuable to the people training for a half marathon, marathon or whatever distance with Rogue in Austin. Ruth for example conducts surveys for programs to get feedback on multiple areas from the people in each group and shares this with coaches to help them improve. I’ve talked with her at times when feedback isn’t ideal and am always impressed at how seriously she takes it to keep improving things, whether it’s the forums on the web-site, a specific workout, or a route … OK I don’t think the distance for long runs will ever be 100% accurate or that a “flat course” will ever really be flat but those things are what make Rogue what it is 😉


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