I’m crazy for training with Rogue

I got wind recently about some fun discussion in the Austin running community about Team Rogue and that we’re all a little loopy with the training we’re doing with Steve, Ruth and Karen. I definitely have my share of mental issues, I guess training with Rogue and loving it is just one of the symptoms. I was thinking through my crazy experiences training with Rogue since … what is it now 2004. I think the results say more than anything else. I ran Moto in a 3:27 in 2004. Then I started training with Rogue and ran a 3:10 at Chicago the same year. Ran Boston ’05 for run, took it really easy and managed a 3:13.

Then came my first act of craziness when I joined the first Rogue Performance Project to gear up for Boston ’06 which I managed to run in just over 3:01, basically to plan and expectation on the dot except for the minute slow on the first mile. I’d say that’s a pretty good crazy streak 😉

My guess is the “crazy millage” people hear about Team Rogue doing has them wondering if we’re nuts, are we all going to get injured or burn out? My view on that is this group is a bunch of experienced runners and we know what we’re signing up for and believe in our coaches ability to help us reach our goals. For one thing, this phase of base building is really very different than other programs I’ve done in the past with Rogue or what I’ve seen with other groups. Yeah it’s a good amount for base mileage but we aren’t adding mileage AND frequency AND intensity, it seems like a very measured plan with distinct phases with specific purpose.

I must say though that as members of Team Rogue we do have a lot more responsibility in this program than others we have been in before. This is challenging program that will push some us harder than we have in the past. When Steve says he wants us to run easy all the time except for the Steady run on Tuesday and possibly right at the end on Saturdays in this phase we NEED to listen. If we don’t we may be getting the mileage but are missing the point about the balance to the program and the real purpose of each phase and the run each day … and basically risk not getting the intended benefit, increasing the chance of injury, risk burnout, and decrease the chance of ultimately meeting our goals.

So I’d say, yes I am crazy. I’d be lying if I said I’m not worried about getting injured. But as you can read from my earlier post I’m paying a lot of attention to all the aches and pains and adjusting. As experienced runners we’re supposed to pay attention to what we’re feeling and make the adjustments working with our coaches; the close attention we get from them in this group makes this possible, I took advantage of Steven’s office hours yesterday just for this purpose. That to me is what makes Team Rogue so interesting, it isn’t just cookie cutter, there’s a plan and we’re equally responsible for seeing it through as our coaches are.


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