First run after a week off in Tuscany

I’ve been off for a week on a great vacation through Florence, Sienna and other towns in Tuscany. I did manage to get a few 30 minute runs in but basically knew that it was going to be a 12 mile week at best, not the 55 I’m supposed to be at right now but I’m good with that. I should have pictures to share from the runs soon, I used a friend’s camera for those so need to get those from him before I can post them here.

Today was our first “not easy” run in this base phase. Basically easy 1st mile and then pick up the pace every two miles after that for a total of 10, last mile easy. The goal of the progressive was to not get under half marathon pace, so basically staying aerobic the whole time … which should be true throughout the rest of this phase so we have a good 7 weeks of this left I think.

I ran with Geezer for most of the run, he was just coming off his first 80 mile week and I was coming from basically a taper. This meant it was a lot easier for me to run this progressive run with my fresher legs. I am curious how my body will react next week and the week after as my mileage continues to build by 5 miles a week (55 this week, 60 next) until I hit my target of 70. My guess is the faster days on Tuesdays will become a lot more challenging as today was for Geezer. That’s just the fun of running. You just have to keep going and be consistent, do it by feel, not get disheartened by a bad day or week, and come out the other end stronger.


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