My favorite running shirt from Rogue Running

Front of Rogue Nation running singletIn general I really like the designs from Rogue. I know the trail series has had some pretty cool ones through the years. I thought I’d share this one from last year that is my current faviorite, it’s a brooks, very comfortable to run in, great in the current Austin heat and I like the “Rogue Nation” on the front as well as the “Dare – Risk – Dream” in the back. Another thing that’s nice about this one is the way the screen printing was done, it seems to breath a lot better through the “Rogue Nation” written on the front. I’m not sure which group this one was made for or if it was for coaches.Back of Rogue Nation running singlet



  1. Not that it matters, “Dare Risk Dream” is the mantra they use at the Rogue Beer Bar in Portland. It’s still good, no matter who came up with it!

  2. My favorite Rogue shirt is the one that has Pre’s face on it except I’ve been asked twice by non runners if it’s Nacho Libre!!
    Poor Pre!

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