Yoga class take 2 … “the zombie” makes a comeback

I wrote last week about yoga with Ramsay which is included as part of Team Rogue. I went back this week and it was surprising to me that my hamstrings felt much better than they did last week. Don’t get me wrong, when I’m in downward dog I’m not a triangle … more of a weird shaped trapezoid but it was noticeably different. I’m sure progress will be slow but I really need to keep going to the yoga class as long as I can.

Ramsay also works in a good amount of core work to make the yoga more specific to runners. One of the moves she calls “the zombie” is combination of crunches, scissor motion with your legs and your arms crossing the lets as they perform the scissor motion … kind of zombie like. You definitely feel this motion and it makes for some interesting conversation after the class.

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