First 40 mile week in a while

I am really really glad I’ve managed a 40 mile week, it’s a been a long time, I think sometime last August or September. I’ve been worried about injuries since I’ve gone from 20 miles or so a week to 40 pretty quickly. The conservative approach seems to be working so far which is good. Manged to get a 12 mile run today and then 3 with a running 101 group with Rogue, that is always fun to coach since it’s a good reminder of why I started running int he first place … to get fit. In 2002 when I started running my resting heart rate was close to 85, at the peak of my fitness around 2006 I think it was around 45. I think I’ve leveled out in the low 50’s but that was the reason. Now there’s all this getting faster stuff and the fun of training with a group that keeps me going but it’s always fun to meet with relatively new runners and to see their excitement at being able to run further and further and feel better as they progress.


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