Why worry about my arms when I’m running?

After Team Rogue’s 6, 8, 10, or 14 mile run this morning a few of us were discussing running form. We of course made fun of each other, Geezer made a comment about how he can’t hold his forearm up less than a 90 degree angle since he’ll loose blood to them.  One might say he runs so hard his body is getting everything to his legs … I just said that i don’t have that problem because I’m not old … yet 😉 But before I get too carried away let’s not forget that Geezer did finish well ahead of the pack today.

I’d trained with Carmen and Ricardo for a while and both of them are very good about running form. I’ve seen them see somebody and say, i bet you that person had a problem with their right leg, probably around the hamstring area. And then you talk to that person and they did have something a year ago or something like that. It is totally amazing.

One thing I’ve remembered from both of them is to not swing my shoulders but swing the arms at the socket. So basically trying to avoid the swaying of the upper body left and right. The other thing is focusing on using my arms. At hard track workouts or a 5k race Ricardo towards the end will scream out use my arms. Focusing on that made me forget the pain in my legs and they tended to follow the arms. With the long aerobic work we’re doing it’s been nice to be able to focus on running form lately, making sure I’m upright, breathing well, have good arm motion. I’m sure something isn’t quite right but I’ll have to focus on the next thing once these become second nature.


One comment

  1. I didn’t expect Kamran to go, once a metronome is set its sole purpose is to keep a perfect tempo and not rush or slow down.

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