Yoga, the running equalizer

I just finished my first yoga class in ages with Ramsay at the Rogue Annex. These classes are included for members of Team Rogue training with Steve, Karen and Ruth. I remember taking yoga a while ago and it really helped with my breathing. Today it was a clear sign that my flexibility sucks and my core strength lacks … well strength. As the class went on my hamstrings did start to warm up and feel better so I think it’s working. Also, my abs never feel this sensation when I go to the gym so I know this worked my abs in a way I don’t on my own. Long and short of it is I’ll be at the Rogue Annex next to the Rogue Equipment running store every Monday at 7:00 pm … as long as work doesn’t hold me up. 😉



  1. Kamran!! I did the yoga class with Ramsay today and it was great! I knew that I was stiff as hell but I had no idea that EVERY part of my body is tense…and my brain will not shut off. What a good addition this is to training. And yeah, the ab work was HARD!

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