All those electrolyte options to stay hydrated

Given the heat and just not so great running weather I thought I better start hydrating again. When I first started running I would drink Gatorade like it was going out of fashion (I hope that’s the right phrase … remember “I’m not from this country”). After a while I realized there’s so much sugar in energy drinks if what I’m trying to do is just hydrate then I need to try something else. Steve Sission (Team Rogue coach) recommended Electormix. Since them I’ve used that Emergen-C and recently NUUN.

So Electromix, no sugar but you have to make a liter and doesn’t taste like much. Emergen-C is good for a glass so easier to use, more vitamins and minerals in addition to the electrolytes. NUUN, drop the tablet and you’re good to go. Now each of them have different amounts of things in them, NUUN seems to have the most sodium. So too many choices, I think I’m going to leave it to taste. Emergen-C I can only handle with really cold water, the other two with cool water. So that’s my decision. I’m sure there are lots of other options too but just these three are a few too many for me. What is the difference anyway?


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  1. What ever you do, if they have sugar in them, pick the ones with Glucose and not Fructose. (easiest way to rememeber, Glucose and Good start with G, Fructose and F*** start with F)

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