When increasing your workload by 10% a month isn’t enough

We’ve all heard, and rightly so not increase our “workload” too much in one go. I don’t know what the exact numbers are but I’m saying 10% per month for now, that includes the intensity, duration and frequency as factors. Since last summer all three of those for me have been pretty pathetic. I was looking at my training log and I was doing at most 20 miles in a given week, averaging 15 since the beginning of this year. So I was thinking, I just started up with Team Rogue
and we’re supposed to be around 70 miles or so in 14 weeks. So doing the math 15 + 10% + 10% + 10% … please forgive the error in compounding but it’s close enough is like 20 miles a week. So that’s not working so I just bumped up to 45.

Now joking aside even with a decent base previously it’s easy to think our bodies are where they were a year or two ago and they just aren’t. For me I’ve got a lingering sore spot in my left calf, the beginning of shin splints in the left foot and beginnings of planter in the right. I’m sure there’s something else but I just don’t feel it. So my approach has been to ramp up but be very careful about the speed and also being religious about using the TP Massage ball almost everyday, swapping out the elliptical for some runs right now to get the time in and then gradually replace those with running which is higher impact. Will this relative conservative appraoch to coming back into fitness work … we’ll just have to wait and see.


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  1. Consider swapping 3 Happy Meals for 3 home made whole wheat pasta dishes!hope those legs feel better soon.

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