Pain on the side of the knee

This Saturday marked the first week I’ve managed to run 6 days out of the week in probably 8 months. After the 10 mile run I was subbing for Ruth for her Rogue Running 101 class. Two of the people in the class mentioned slight pain on their knee, I asked where and it was the side of the knee … something most runners have experienced and found to be IT band syndrome.

I suggested the standard, TP Massage, foam roller, side leg raises. (doctor if it’s persistent). Then since we were running on Shoal Creek which has a significant camber at points asked if one of the runners always ran on the same side of the road. She did, it was the right side and her right knee hurt. I suggested she run on the left side as well. On the way back on our out and back run she did and she said that seemed to help. There are so many things like this we only hear about when we get hurt, I have to admit that I’ve changed what I do or don’t do because of injuries.


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