Running easy runs easy

It really is amazing how many of us don’t do it because we feel good that day, there’s somebody else that we just want to catch, there’s a little voice saying do it do it … there’s always some justification and we’re all guilty of it.

Just like anything else in life the thing that has helped me avoid the temptation is to focus on the goal. The goal is to PR at a marathon, half marathon or 10k, not to kick everybody’s ass on a training run.

It’s not that running that one easy/long run hard will kill the season but it’s easy to make a habit of something I do so that one “I’ll push it” run ends up turning into many. In the end that hurts the goal, that PR. The long easy run is designed to build the endurance and work the energy systems for that purpose, it isn’t supposed to be a track workout so remembering what it’s purpose is and how that will help me with my real goal tends to help get things back in focus … that’s the other voice coming back and saying, don’t do it stupid or you’ll pay the price when it matters.

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