VO2 Max Tests and Time Trials

Long time no post. I had a VO2 max test at the university of texas last week. The long and short of it is for the VO2 max test was it gave me a max maraton time of a 3:02 and a 10k around 40min. A 40 min 10k is close to a 6:26 min/mile pace. What is interesting is I’ve run a 1/2 marathon at a 6:32 min/mile pace. The VO2 max test seemed so far off that Steve et all decided no to use it since I’ve already run faster that the test says I can ever run. I don’t know of too many people this happens to.

This brings me to … it’s all mental. I’ve always been good at keeping pace but that seems to go too far where I’m just not used to pushing myself where I become uncomfortable. Had a 2 mile time trial today and ran it in 11:44 … again pretty slow given the paces I’ve been comfortably running some workouts lately. The run wasn’t too hard and I never got that burning sensation in my legs. So this morning I had a few thoughts:

  1. Forget training for a marathon next April and focus on 5k racing so I get used to pushing myself more.
  2. Ignore my time trial time and just train based on a 2:55 marathon fitness (10 min faster than the time trial indicates)
  3. Run the time trail again in a couple of weeks and just suck it up and do what it takes.

Have I decided anything … no. But one thing is for sure, learning to push and to become comfortable with pain at these shorter distances is definately an area I need to work on.


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